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Our Services

We prepare Xactimate estimates for all types of damage - wind, hail, fire, hurricane, water damage, flood. We write estimates that include the full plethora of viable and payable expenses related to that loss. We are not public adjusters, but prepare the most inclusive damage loss estimate possible.

Estimate Writing

Estimate writing by a staff of construction and insurance claim veterans


Follow up and reconciliation of job invoices and supplements

Estimate Comparison

Large loss comparisons of carrier estimates service providor estimates

Contents Handling and Cleaning

Estimates of fire, water and wind estimates for cleaning, movving and storage of damaged and undamaged personal property

3 D Aerial Roof Measurements

Economical aerial survey measurements returned to us in record speed


Preparation and analysis of high volumes of estimates for the legal profession

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Insurance claims inspected directly


Insurance claims managed


Estimates written for contractors like you


Years of experience with claims and estimates

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Drying Logs - What and When?

on Nov 30, 2017 0 Comments

Drying Logs, also called Dry out Logs, Dry-out logs, or Structural Drying Logs, are forms that track initial moisture readings and periodic moisture readings over a period of days (sometimes multiple readings are taken per day). It is good practice to use them on every job where the drying out of building materials is needed. And drying logs are typically requested by insurance company’s claims teams if dryout equipment is used on site for more than 3 days. These forms are not found in Xactimate but are available from various sources and organizations including

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ICC and your Flood Restoration Customer

on Dec 31, 2017 0 Comments

ICC means increased cost of compliance and it refers to additional requirements by the local building authority for handling Flood damaged properties. Up to $30,000 is available for Flood Insurance Policy holders so that they can put their home into compliance.

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Roofing Requirements and Windstorm Areas

on Jan 31, 2018 0 Comments

Every state has a Department of Insurance and many have a WindPool for insuring properties in high wind areas. But did you know that there are special requirements for roofing in these areas. Your customer’s insurance policy may pay for the requirements that will cost additional money for the you the contractor and the homeowner, your customer.

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